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We have the required passion, technical know how

and resources to achieve our goals

Characteristics of Shareholders

  • A strong production base with world class orchards and best farming practices.
  • All have own state of art packing facilities.
  • All are directly involved with the marketing of their own production.
  • Southern Hemisphere members export to all main Northern Hemisphere markets.
  • Northern Hemisphere Members in the top league of Marketeers in their own territories and exporting.
  • All have been at the forefront of new variety development in their respective countries.

New Zealand



Montague Fresh 950

South Africa



San Clemente 1680




VOG / VIP15 910
Total27 408
Heartland Logo


New Zealand
Heartland Fruit NZ Ltd is based in Nelson, and one of New Zealand’s premium exporters with strong links to retailers globally. The company is owned by two leading apple growing families that have each been producing apples in Nelson for over 100 years. These 2 orchards supply 90% of Heartlands apple volume, Over 80% of Heartland apple sales are direct to retailers around the world, and this includes: Foodstuffs SI NZ, Loblaws Canada, Morrisons UK, Tops Thailand, Giant Malaysia, Lidl Germany, Sainsbury UK, and ICA Sweden. Heartland first started selling Pink Lady in Asia to Giant Malaysia in 2008 and has been a strong believer in branded apple sales since it first launched eve™ into the NZ market in 2000. In 2018 total apple sales by Heartland exceeded NZ$40 million. Total production by the business: 20,000 tonne 2019 forecast
Montague Logo

Montague Fresh

A family owned business producing apples and pears in most states of Australia. Focused on developing the Australian Market. Have been very innovative in new varieties e.g. Jazz®, Envy®, Eve®. Presently markets ± 3.0m cartons of apples and pears.Montague is one of Australia’s largest producers and marketers of apples. The business has been operating for in excess of 70 years. The business operates 5 orchards spread throughout south eastern Australia and provides marketing services for many Australian growers. In 2018 total apple sales by Montague exceed $90 million Australia dollars. Total Apple production by company owned orchards: 15,000 tonnes.
Fruitways Logo


South Africa
Fruitways is one of South Africa’s largest producers and marketers of apples and pears, owned by the Alastair Moodie Family and The Molteno Brothers Charitable Trust. The business has been farming apples for more than 90 years and currently manage 1300 hectares and three modern packing facilities in the Western Cape. Fruitways also provide packing and marketing services to a further 40 independent growers operating on 1700 ha and four additional pack houses. In 2018 total apple sales by Fruitways exceeded ZAR 1bn (US$ 80 million). Fruitways specialise in direct supply to retailers and is a leading supplier to Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrisons, Aldi, Edeka, and Ahold in UK/Europe as well as Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Spar in South Africa.
Total apple production by company owned orchards: 60,000 tonnes.
San Clemente Logo

San Clemente

San Clemente commenced operations in 1984 with the establishment of a small apple orchard ,from this the business has grown to become one of the largest apple growers and in the top 10 fresh fruit export companies in Chile. Today San Clemente export 4,5 million boxes of a range of products with a large proportion grown on our more than 1.500ha. San Clemente total annual sales are in excess of USD $100 million dollars. In addition to company owned orchards San Clemente also represent a small group of third-party growers with whom we have enjoyed long term partnerships for 15 years or more. San Clemente’s core focus is apples. The company has been a leader in the search for the best performing production sites within Chile. The company has identified San Clemente and Angol as the core production sites also establishing company owned packing facilities in these areas. San Clemente have also invested heavily in post-harvest research and development. San Clemente’s marketing strategy is strongly focused on retail, with 80% of the volume going directly to supply retailer programs worldwide. In order to provide marketing support for our product San Clemente have established commercial offices in USA, China and UK and customer relationships in more than 40 countries.
Total apple exports: 45,500 tonnes
Vog Logotype Badge Pay Off Master File 2022 Cmyk



The Consortium of South Tyrolean Fruit Growers' Co-operatives. Leading throughout Europe in the production of best table apples. Marketing 550 000 tons of table apples in 75 countries of the world. Its 4,600 fruit growers work together on family farms, following the strict requirements for integrated and organic production when growing apples.

The company realized the importance of new variety development many years ago and formed SK, a variety innovative consortium in South Tyrol, together with VIP.

Val Venosta Logo 800 800

Val Venosta

The other large cooperative South Tyrolean Marketing Cooperative. Member IPA Shareholder, has 1750 farmers farming 5110 hectares and producing 350 000 tons of apples. Joint partner with VOG in the variety innovation consortium SK and have been at the forefront of new variety development in South Tyrol.
Cmi Orchards Logo

CMI Orchards

United States of America
CMI Orchards is one of the leading sales & marketing companies of fresh apples, pears, and cherries in Washington State. The company was founded in 1989 and is now going on 30 years of business. We handle all sales and marketing for four privately owned fruit packing companies packing at seven different facilities.
Total production by the business: Roughly 8 million 18 kg cartons of apples per year
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